Filmmaker James Moll Hosts LA Screening for Obey Giant, A Doc on Artist Shepard Fairey

by Flaunt Intern

Shepard Fairey | image by Christian Smiley

Shepard Fairey | image by Christian Smiley

Luxury Swiss watch company, Hublot, invited Flaunt to attend the viewing of the James Moll film, Obey Giant. The Ace Hotel housed the exclusive screening for an eclectic group of creatives and individuals.  Before the start of the film, the foyer entertained the crowd with pictures, drinks, popcorn, and an art display of a newspaper stand titled, “The Damaged Times.” “MANIFEST DESTINY!” was written across every newspaper alluding to a political statement made by the subject of Moll’s film: Shepard Fairey.

The documentary is a tell all story of the street artist, Fairey, which covered his artistic journey through the ups and downs of his career. Many people know Fairey for his Andre the Giant stickers and Obama’s presidential campaign poster Hope, but very few people know the details of his life. The film focused on Shepard’s evolution as an artist, as a husband and father, and his trouble with the legal system. From his punk rock and skateboarding roots to his political statements, the film documents it all--including the negative controversies that followed him.

Academy Award winning filmmaker James Moll and Executive Producer James Franco, take us to the underground world of Shepard Fairey in Obey Giant. The film release was a part of an ongoing initiative with Hublot Loves Art and Art of Elysium. The Elysium Bandini Studios and Hublot partnership film is set to release on Hulu November 11.

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Written by Morgan Vickery
Photos by Christian Smiley