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A celebration of girlfriends catching up and Spring/Summer 2017 fashion

Location Updated: Coffee Date <3 @ Thurs Jan 12, 2017 2:30pm -3pm

Heart of the Junction, backbench via Golden Goose (white w/glitter panel). “I’m not going to deal with that scene, what’s left to say besides memorized Sontag that he won’t get anyway?” Stone fruit, dark sugars, and honey blend. “But such a horrid stamp on our generation, it is idealistic dimorphism.” Stranger’s shoulder bags across neck hair. “Let’s just not apply rational terms to an irrational environment.” Daddy’s Zippo on tin top, big nick in the plate. “Simply for those leaf people with their linguistics and air diets.” Croissant and Hedges, Croissant and Spirits. “Another cup, yes…” 1400-1800 m.a.s.l.

Left to right: JACQUEMUS top, pants, bra, and hat. KOCHÉ dress and shoes.



Time Updated: Tea with Camille @ Thurs Jan 12, 2017 11:00am -12pm

Adjacent to the hotel lobby via valet (black tie). “The children, how’s that saga going?” An unsteady porcelain makes-out with rim before base. “My son demands of me to be some twisted version of Isabella Mary Beeton.” The Dover Sole out of water. “And his wife, what’s her name…” Padded booth eases lumbago. “I mind her not, she’s never gotten over her Djuna Barnes phase.” Ficus tree, faking it. “I seem to remember that conversation.” Polite Bellamy salute for a paused maître d’. “Since I denied her access to the Bulgari collection she’s refused to speak to me.” Coravin Systems 99.99% argon gas capsule.

Left to right: DOLCE & GABBANA jacket, dress, shoes, and headpiece. DRIES VAN NOTEN top, skirt, and shoes.



Invitation: Vinyasa + juice sesh @ Thurs Jan 12, 2017 9am – 11am

Off the corner via Orca M20 Speed (chrome & carbon). “I don’t know, it’s Orange Theory without those orthodox modern dance types strutting in Lululemon. That was just too much.” Tuscan kale and celery root, tight radish minus ricotta. “I have no problem with Fabletics.” Being popular, there’s patio seating. “I’m with you on that. Flattering is what comes to mind.” Cucumber water with shaft of mint. “I’ve certainly noticed toner laterals.” Air plants in glass of octagon. “Adjusted stride length made all the difference.” Tri-fold mid-floral or snack meditation. “You’re my perfect cool-down.” 194 predicted maximum heart rate.

Left to right: WANDA NYLON jumpsuit and hat. BALENCIAGA top and pants.



Accepted: Quick Lunch at Baroo @ Thurs Jan 12, 2017 1:30pm – 2pm

Strip mall secret via surging rates (sea glass pearl). “It’s been way too long!” Minimalist like Ball jars. “Just being able to get the kids down…” BPA-free plastic alternatives. “And me and my mandatory overtime.” Tepache wet ring on tables of black tupelo. “Seriously, let’s discuss potential…” Joie romper unruffled. “Sounds like another high-priority spreadsheet.” Doubanjiang bean paste splatter. “You know what I mean, that new blush-worthy boss.” Stool legs like fermented rose on trampled tile. “Ugh… he uses the word deadline as if it were pinned to my chest like a sash from Atlantic City.” 84% butter cacao nibs.

Left to right: CÉLINE dress, pants, shoes and sunglasses. BOSS dress and shoes.

Written byFrancis N. Parrilli
Illustration: Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi for Agent Pekka
Fashion Editor: Mui-Hai Chu


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