Adam Selman Sport

by BJ Panda Bear

Adam Selman has long held a whimsical touch on every cool girls wardrobe. With classic shapes reimagined in his signature esoteric textural play, the clothing always made for perfect party wear. His reputation was further cemented by his iconic looks Rihanna rocked as well as the Le Spec collaboration that has become the standard eyewear for night clubbing and brunching the day after. It is with this playfulness that Selman has expanded his brand to a new defusion sportswear line, Adam Selman A.S.S. The line offers a range of workout wear which can be seamlessly incorporated into the main line as well as features his expansion into unisex offerings. We were so excited to check out the new collection and catch up with the designer to see how this collection will fit in between cardio and cocktails.

Your main line is a go to for party girls, it girls, and arty girls, why do you feel now is a perfect time to unleash A.S.S., do you feel like it is a companion to the main line or its own girl?

I think this definitely has the same spirit as Adam Selman.  I think people who are already wearing the brand will find pieces they know and love, but I am also hoping to open the door to new friends as well. I spent a long time market researching and talking to people about ASS. I really wanted it to function as active first, and have the fashion aspect be an added bonus. Traditional “fashion” is in a weird place, and I wanted to make sure I was challenging my own ideas of fashion and what I think my brand is and who it reaches.  It’s important to constantly take risks and push into new territory or else it gets expected and boring.

Are these pieces best to go from gym to brunch to party or party, afterparty, brunch and then gym?

I think it’s something like…

Work to Workout

Body to Boardroom

Crunch to Brunch

Squat to Shot

Curl to Club

Shred to Bed

I’m not here to judge, or tell you what order to do it in, just to remind you that I got your ASS :)

With the pieces for men can we expect to see more in the future on both lines?

For now I am focused on ASS and really pivoting my whole brand into it. Making pieces more unisex was a big pull into the pivot. Eventually, I would love to dedicate more pieces to men. I’ve never been able to offer this with my mainline, so I’m excited to see how the boys respond to it.

In the lookbook there is a strong retro vibe, 80s muscle, and Pater Sato-esque look going on, what was your main point of inspiration for this selection?

Everything you are referencing, I am loving!  I really wanted ASS to feel like classic American sportswear, while having the same spirit of what I was doing with AdamSelman. I was inspired by a lot of different eras and wanted it to feel modern, uncomplicated and a little cheeky. We are using recycled nylon for the core pieces, the packaging is biodegradable, pieces come in a size XXS-XXL, and there is a unisex offering for the first time. We are working on being more sustainable and inclusive without sacrificing the fun, style, or message of what I really wanted to accomplish with my ASS.

What workouts are you obsessed with right now and can you give us a hint at your routine?

I didn’t work out for almost 4 years after starting my main line. Since deciding to do ASS, I have been a little work out crazed, but I actually don’t belong to a gym. I work out at night after work, I am a big believer in classes. I need someone else’s motivation. I go to Barry’s religiously and have started introducing some new boxing classes into my routine.  We will see what 2019 brings...

Adam Selman A.S.S. is available at Carbon38

Photos courtesy of Adam Selman