A Q&A with Femme Artist, Christian McKoy

by Morgan Vickery

Christian McKoy is the femme artist behind @3rd_eyechakra. The Instagram account is an open love letter to cis and trans, dark-skinned females; portraying their beauty with angelic and demonic philosophies. In highlighting our current political dystopia, Christian uses their platform to discuss issues of her community. To strengthen the bond between black women, McKoy conceptualizes a world in which femmes obtain supernatural virtues. Whether the subjects transform into angels, goddesses, mythical creatures, or demons, the affiliated power and message of each image is hauntingly beautiful. Empowerment at its core, @3rd_eyechakra serves as an outlet for creative freedom and a loving locality. We spoke with the 20-something self-proclaimed cynic to discuss all things Afrofuturism: 



When did you begin your account @3rd_eyechakra?

I started two years ago to post pottery photos from college.

Over time, how did you identify your overall aesthetic?

Well, it took a while for me to call myself an artist, so it was really just me trying to find my own style. I think I would call it post neo-Afrofuturism.

Is there a specific subject or person that continuously influences your art?

Black women, definitely. They’ve always been my inspiration.

As an expert in angelic and demonic ideologies, which do you prefer?

Easy, both.

Your main focus is on both trans and cis dark skinned femmes. How has this community inspired your work?

The two role models in my life are dark-skinned women, so naturally, my art would reflect that. I want to express my admiration as best I can.

The Birth and Death of an Angel

The Birth and Death of an Angel

Your feed has highlighted a slight dystopia in the realm of futurism. How can you compare the world of your works to modern-day political/ social issues?

Art is a narration of the times, and it’s been pretty hard. I want to comment on the political difficulties of my community, but I also want my art to be some sort of inspiration for strength.

What do you hope followers and fans take away from your media creations?

Black women are amazing beings with unlimited power.

Poseidon is a Woman

Poseidon is a Woman

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Hopefully more growth on my part and more collaborations with my heroes.

How do you hope to evolve in the years to come? 

I want to be more confident in my ability as an artist and step outside my comfort zone. I’m miles ahead of what I used to be, and I’m excited about where art will take me next.

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