The Middle House is Home
The House Collective’s newest edition to their award winning family of luxury hotels, [The Middle House](https://www.themiddlehousehotel.com/en/), transcends the essence what it means to be home.  While finding a sense of belonging abroad can be very rare, The Middle House has found the beautiful bridge between comfort and excitement  by providing guests with the same intimate feeling of home with their ambitious designs. Located in the heart of urban Shanghai, the hotel sits right in city’s commercial district and alongside the fashionable Nanjing Road, the People’s Square and The Bund.  Designed by renowned Italian architect Piero Lissoni, The Middle House welcomes their guests into a contemporary haven, offering a unique juxtaposition against the the backdrop of one of Asia’s most sophisticated cities.   While we are wasting away at home until further notice, let’s close our eyes and imagine ourselves at The Middle House instead.  It’s 10AM GMT when you wake in Lissoni’s living vision of spanning windows in your spacious room, designed with the opulent perspective in mind.  It is a humble time to wake up after the yesterday’s evening of mingling at the Sui Tang Shang where you held their deliciously balanced cocktails in your right hand while stirring with your left. Today, will instead be focused on accumulating every tendril of content possible.  You might start your day off at the Café Gray Deluxe where you enjoy a refreshing breakfast that will cherish your insides before you revitalize your exterior at the Mi Xun Spa.  After, you could stroll through The Middle House’s collection of unique and original artworks and sculptress from local, regional and international artists.  For tonight, you are still not sure it will be spent utilizing the 24-hour room service for a self care night in or if you are seeking another feast at one of the amazingly attached restaurants.  But, what you do know is that The Middle House is the oasis you have been longing for.  * * * No. 366 Shi Men Yi Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai 200041 | +86 21 3216 8199