Meet the Real Life Caped Crusader, Terry McGinnis

![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/45eeee96-8303-4a44-bf18-d875a07374c1/Screen+Shot+2021-12-16+at+11.56.59+AM.png) He doesn’t live in a cave full of bats or fight criminals at night dressed as a giant bat in a neo-gothic dystopian city of tomorrow – he actually is the founder and chief executive officer of a revolutionary new startup which aims to redefine what shopping and loyalty are all about, his name is Terry McGinnis and the revolutionary new company is Online Shop. Terry who was born in a small country in north of Europe, Lithuania spent most of his early childhood in Malibu, California before moving to Britain at age of 12. The mixture of culture, lifestyle and different environments has helped shape Terry into one of Britain’s and America’s top young entrepreneurs today. “Growing up in Cali and then moving over to UK at a very young age was a big challenge, especially culturally. It’s completely different but at the same time kind of the same – I think it’s the language that bridges everything together quite well. I also have my continental European roots thanks to my mom, so I’m a mixed bag–it helps, especially in a business environment where having an open mind and the ability to understand cultural differences and views is the most critical and key factor of success – communication is key. Having this background is paramount to my success, I can both be cynical and complain about the weather but at the same time go trailblazing and have this unstoppable can do attitude in anything I approach, sort of like a chameleon.” Gaining interest in technology at a very young age through gaming he built his own websites and even games, and at age of 17 sold one of his image hosting websites for a considerable sum which in turn sparked his ever growing desire for success. “It was wild, one week you’re spending day and night coding, designing and deploying a simple webapp for people to upload photos, the next someone tracks you down and makes you an offer you can’t refuse to get their hands on the technology. From there on, I knew I couldn’t stop, like a Great White in an ocean of opportunity I have to keep moving and can’t stay still. The rewards are too great and the journey too exciting to pass up on. I wanted to gain more skills though, I knew that this first taste of success was more about being at the right time with the right market opportunity and luck locking horns rather than preparation and hard work.” From dropping out of college to starting his own bubble tea franchise at only 22 and working with big name conglomerates such as Apple to some of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands such as LVMH, Terry has seen it all and done it all, being no stranger to the finer things in life himself, from Prada clothing to fast exotics as daily drivers. “I knew I still needed a lot of learning to do, this is why I pursued a career whilst also working on my own projects; you have to listen, learn from the experts and know when to play your position to earn the vision that’s burning within you.” Now this experience and passion is being translated into helping hundreds of big brands, small businesses and even individuals to start their own businesses, selling goods online without any barriers in place. “Technology is the definition of betterment of society, this is what I saw – too many barriers to entry when it comes to commerce, now with what we are doing, it’s seamless and easy. Sales and marketing was my passion, and technology was means of production. I love helping and solving problems, and that is the permanent goal. Do something I can make everyone proud of, and inspire young people like myself and show that anything can be achieved with the right mindset, attitude and willingness to work, hard.” His company, Online Shop is now poised to takeover the British retail market with explosive growth and aggressive expansion with private investor firms making bets on the company reaching unicorn status in Britain by the year 2023. The company is the first of its kind to use blockchain technology, revamp marketplace environment and offer a utility rewards programme for their customers. And it’s not stopping just there, Terry already sees opportunity for international expansion. “First we win over Britain, then we go across the Atlantic. It’s simple. There’s already a lot of support here. We work for the people, with the people. And the support they provide is all the reward we need to continue to grow.” Just like the caped crusader, Terry’s expertise and knowledge of technology and desire to help and resolve problems of many is a tale of good entrepreneurship.