From Dyslexia to Doctor | How Dr. Steven Cohen Became A Pioneer in Plastic Surgery.
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/953fa748-10a2-4f3c-82a9-308ddbe433b7/Screen+Shot+2022-06-21+at+3.39.26+PM.png) Dr. Steven Cohen is a well-accomplished surgeon. However, no one would have expected it. Having dyslexia as a kid, he turned to creative writing as an outlet that would bring him a handful of accolades he never received from his teachers or for that matter, his family. He was always the artistic type, and embarked on a career in medicine because he promised his grandmother and mother that after his favorite uncle, a 40 year old orthopedic surgeon, drowned skin diving, that he would be the next doctor in the family. Medical school was challenging. Dr. Cohen was hardly the typical medical student, and was definitely aware that he was a little different than most other med students. But as he began to realize he was a visual learner, a career in surgery became very appealing and with hard work and a lucky elective at the National Institutes of Health in cardiac surgery, he was accepted to one of the top surgical training programs in the U.S., Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. He started on a path to becoming a cardiac surgeon and was inspired to switch to craniofacial surgery after viewing a PBS program about the new cutting-edge methods. Dr. Cohen has undoubtedly accomplished quite a bit during his career and has helped the medical world navigate many firsts in craniofacial surgery. In addition to founding FACES+ in La Jolla California, one of the premier aesthetic practices in the U.S., he served as Chief of Craniofacial Surgery at Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego. Over the years, he has received many awards both in Craniofacial Surgery as well as in Facial Aesthetic Surgery, which is the bulk of his practice today. He has written over 170 peer-reviewed articles, three textbooks, and performed the first “stem cell” facelifts in humans in the early 2000’s helping to change the way facial rejuvenation is performed. His practice FACES+ was the 14th practice in the world to adopt fractional laser treatments and has been an early and active advocate of minimally invasive treatments. He has also partnered with biotech companies in the U.S and abroad, co-inventing new devices and pioneering ways to improve aging using regenerative medicine. If there is one thing about Dr. Cohen, he is 100% dedicated to advancing the field of plastic surgery. FACES+ is focused on helping people achieve their best through regenerative medicine and a multitude of techniques. Their services include deep plane facelifts, deep neck surgery, minimally invasive browlifts, facial fat grafting using a technique developed by Dr. Cohen, body sculpting, breast augmentation, non-surgical therapies, craniofacial surgery, and much more. The practice offers the best possible service to clients. Every treatment plan is personalized and patients are given exclusive access to Dr. Cohen through the FACES+Concierge service. Although deciding to go under the knife is a big decision, the medical staff at FACES+ work with clients to help them find the solutions that fit them best. In addition to wholly supporting his patients, Dr. Cohen has taught and trained surgeons from all over the globe through the FACES+ mentoring program. Through the program, he teaches surgeons his techniques, enabling clinics around the world to offer services similar to this true pioneer in the field. Overall, Dr. Steven Cohen has worked very hard to bring the world of medicine viable solutions. This is reflected through his work at FACES+ and his work with children. If you are considering a plastic surgeon, Dr. Cohen is one of the best there is. In addition to its many accolades, FACES+ has many great reviews from happy clients. The website also hosts a photo gallery where potential clients can view the results enjoyed by past clients. When it comes to your face and your health, you want the best. Contact FACES+ today to learn more about their many surgical and non-surgical offerings, consultations, and concierge service.