Sabrina Claudio / Releases new album "Christmas Blues"

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Mixing sensuality with the holidays, Sabrina Claudio releases a sexy new Christmas album on November 27 titled “Christmas Blues”. The album contains three holiday classics and five original songs, with features from The Weeknd and Alicia Keys. The single “Warm December,” released on November 19, set the tone for a soulful soundtrack to the upcoming festive season, accompanied by seductive serenades about enjoying a warm Christmas with a loved one.  After releasing her previous LP _Truth Is_ in 2019 with hit singles like “Rumors” feat. ZAYN, Claudio wanted to bring happiness into such a dark year with her new project. In addition to her new album, Claudio is a part of the [Postmates](https://twitter.com/Postmates?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) [Better Than Santa campaign](https://twitter.com/sabrinaclaudio/status/1336448918121377793?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw), which will be providing three recreational centers at St. Jude’s hospitals with iPads for both staff and kids. _Flaunt_ had the opportunity to speak to Claudio about her new album and campaign with Postmates. **Why did you decide to come out with a Christmas album specifically?** My intention behind creating and indulging into a Christmas album was to attempt to shine a small light through an incredibly dark year for as many people as I can reach. I really just wanted to try and bring a sense of happiness, nostalgia, or calmness to someone with this album. **What was the process behind choosing what songs would be included since it has covers and originals?** In terms of the originals, the process alone was so fun and free. We really put no pressure on ourselves and we didn’t allow ourselves to overthink. As a result, we ended up creating five originals that I'm beyond proud of. As for the covers, the process of choosing which ones I wanted to do was easy considering the three I chose are my absolute favorite Christmas songs and have been since I was little. **How was it working with The Weeknd on the song “Christmas Blues”?** Abel being as excited about this album as he was was almost hard to believe. When I sent him “Christmas Blues” to listen to, never in a million years would I have imagined that he would want to join me on a Christmas song, but I am so beyond honored and grateful that he did. He brought an undeniable emotion and perspective to the song that wouldn’t have felt the same if it were just me singing it. Photo Aug 30, 10 18 49 PM.jpg ![Photo Aug 30, 10 18 49 PM.jpg](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d171c7015dd64149c9b9_Photo%2BAug%2B30%252C%2B10%2B18%2B49%2BPM.jpeg) **What about working with Alicia keys on “Winter time”?** Working with Alicia was a dream. I’ve told her this but she unknowingly shaped my journey as an artist. I grew up on her music and have always looked up to her both musically and personally so to have heard her voice accompanying mine on “Wintertime” was unreal. **What’s your favorite song on the album?** It differs every day. I’m honestly just so proud of this album as a whole, it’s a little hard to choose my favorite. **How was shooting the music video for “Warm December”?** Shooting “Warm December” was so fun. It was such a fantasy, mixing Christmas and sensuality so perfectly. Playing dress-up with the wigs and Christmas inspired looks made it so much more exciting than any other shoot I’ve done. Photo Aug 30, 5 49 17 PM.jpg ![Photo Aug 30, 5 49 17 PM.jpg](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d171c7015dd64149c9b5_Photo%2BAug%2B30%252C%2B5%2B49%2B17%2BPM.jpeg) **Why did you decide to be a brand partner for the Postmates “Better Than Santa” campaign?** I wanted to find a great way to give back this holiday season and with  COVID stopping so many things from being a possibility, I was beyond happy when Postmates came to me with an idea where we can join forces and donate iPads to kids at St. Jude’s hospital! **What are you personally most looking forward to this holiday season?** I’m really just looking forward to spending time with my family. Of course, I wish I could travel and see my extended family, do my usual in-person holiday shopping, do our traditional festive activities but this year I’m counting my blessings and spending it with the people I love. Nothing more I could ask for!