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Kids who find themselves sick and stuck in hospitals face an emotional challenge — thriving in a setting of grey walls and fluorescent lighting. The ability of a child to thrive and overcome illnesses can be directly related to their mental health and happiness. RxArt is a nonprofit that has been helping children heal and grow for nearly 20 years by collaborating with artists to paint and transform children’s hospitals. Well known names like Urs Fischer, Laura Owens, Ed Ruscha, Ryan McGuiness, and William Wegman have dedicated time and talent to this organization.  This year on November 8th, artist Rashid Johnson will be presented the RxArt Inspiration Award at the annual RxArt party. In 2019, Rashid’s installation at a children’s clinic in Indio, CA will be revealed. This location is expected to serve 60,000 children every year, and Rashid’s artistic installation will brighten every single one of those childs’ day.  [Paddle8: RxArt Auction](https://paddle8.com/auction/rxart/)