Rich the Kid Ignites the Novo

Written by

Augustus Britton

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### impressions from an encounter with the rising New York-based rapper   FullSizeRender (2).jpeg ![FullSizeRender (2).jpeg](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472b0cae75fa226ce9cc01b_FullSizeRender%2B%25282%2529.jpeg) DTLA's The Novo theater is packed, buzzing with raw energy waiting for an outlet. The crowd is mobbed with faces dripping sweat.  Helming the black box stage is Rich The Kid. He throws an unspecified liquid into the raging crowd. He dances and quakes and raps his hit song "New Freezer" with the confidence of a steadfast pro. The crowd erupts. _Diamonds. Gucci. Teeth white like the skin of Venus._ The mosh pit below shakes and bounces like a surly wave. For a moment I figured we were all going to crash and sink into a chaotic and hedonistic rap-stung grave.  _Skrrt, skrrt!_ Dollar bills are floating down from the sky. Famous Dex joins in on the vocal melee, along with Brooklyn-bred Jay Critch. Rich the Kid and I have a moment backstage. Body guard's muscles ripple with staunch intensity, leading me to the young CEO. It feels like a moment with someone molded for history; someone rising to meet a destiny theirs for the taking. As if Keith Richard had appeared: the eyes of a hungry tiger, the heart of someone that wants the world—and is going to give his all to get it.  Very few words are said; words are not necessary...there is a vibration all around. * * * Writing and photo by Augustus Britton