Flaunt Premiere | Yael Naïm's "Shine"

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French-Israeli songstress, Yael Naïm, is best known for her 2007 single “New Soul.” It served as the soundtrack to Apple’s MackBook Air launch, and rocketed Naïm to international fame. Even today, the bubbly tune is drawn out easily from memories of early-2000s summers. On her new record, “NightSongs,” which will drop Mar. 20, Naïm dug into something much darker, and more personal. The soft, lilting voice crooning out “Shine” could scarcely be recognized as the same one that was bouncing around the pop charts all those years ago. For the first time, Naïm crafted an album completely on her own, production, writing, and all. She composed at night, tapping into what she called “night feelings,” a private time in the dark when you can do what is normally not allowed. The moody atmosphere created by that world is reflected in Naïm’s delicate and atmospheric new single “Shine.” The song is accompanied by a video of Naïm lost in her elegant, nighttime space, drifting back and forth, in time with the melody of her excellent reintroduction to the music scene. On the song, Naïm says, “_Shine..._ _When you no longer fit to what you thought you were When you destroy and you can’t stop it When you wish to know this part in yourself that you’ve been trying to hide When you fall down and it liberates you When you surrender to it”_ * * *