Flaunt Premiere | SVRCINA Unveils “Cycles” Music Video Ahead of New Album

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![](https://cdn.prod.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d86de793aeb33b276658_SVRCINA-ExpectationsFLAUNT.jpeg) If you’re not familiar with [SVRCINA](https://www.instagram.com/svrcinasongs/), prepare to fall in love. Based in Nashville, the singer-songwriter continues to give fans nothing short of high-quality music, with lyrics painting her own vivid imagery inspired by real-life experiences. Signing her first publishing deal at the young age of 13, real name Molly Svrcina has come a long way with now a top 3 Billboard Hot CHR single under her belt and over 80 million streams on Spotify alone. Today, she returns with the official music video for “Cycles,” premiered today exclusive on Flaunt. The song hails from her forthcoming fourth album _Orchards,_ named quite literally for a need to break the bad habits and cycles in our lives that are holding us back — to cultivate and grow healthy relationships and personal well-being as one would tend to a garden. That burning desire for wholeness found SVRCINA becoming the most involved she’s ever been with creative direction, overseeing both visuals and production on the new project. The result? Vignettes inspired by her roots and Eastern European heritage, equipped with lush images and sounds, and pulling light influences from traditional balkan and polka music, converge to create authentic, aesthetic-driven pop. For the first time, nearly all her collaborators were exclusively Nashville-based for this project, which seemed to be a fitting farewell to the city as she just relocated to Los Angeles last month. [SVRCINA](https://soundcloud.com/svrcinasongs "SVRCINA") · [ORCHARDS](https://soundcloud.com/svrcinasongs/sets/orchards/s-MFR8KQSiZTg "ORCHARDS") Speaking on the inspiration behind “Cycles,” SVRCINA states, “Exploring the theme of heritage and many unanswered questions about family and culture, this song came as a way to summarize the main theme of the album: working towards becoming a healthy person, for the sake of longevity, and wanting to pass what is good to the next generation. Part of that process requires being willing to recognize & address motives, thought patterns, behavior, etc. that could be dysfunctional, then asking for help, and replacing bad habits with a better way.”  SVRCINA continues, “With the big picture of an ‘orchard’ in mind — mirroring the metaphor of healthy fruit-bearing trees — they are cultivated and maintained with seasonal pruning, occasionally cutting back certain branches. The purpose of this is to strengthen the trees, encourage new growth, and get rid of dead, broken, or infected branches that would hinder its overall health and the fruit it produces. As people grow older and hopefully more mature, our well-being (body, mind, soul, spirit) needs intention, time, and care. If we’re willing to embrace the process, even setbacks aren’t wasted and can be a way to learn and share to help others.” Directed by Bree Marie Fish (Dan Auerbach, Josie Dunne), and choreographed by Lizzie Clark, the “Cycles” visual embodies stagesof growth, finding clarity, and infuses repetitive movements to emphasize the struggle of trying to break unhealthy, cyclical behaviors. Watch above, alongside an exclusive preview of her new album, _Orchards_, out everywhere tomorrow! * * * Photograped by: Bree Marie Fish Styled by: Twila Trahan HMU: Kiersten Chambers