Flaunt Celebrates The Voyage Issue: A Fool's Errand With a Party in Paris

![Alt Text]() And what does a Fool's Errand look like in Paris at the apex of SS20 Paris Fashion Week? Not attending our private ho-down at the Hotel Plaza Athenee, that's what. In celebration of The Voyage Issue: A Fool's Errand, there was of course no fooling around on the dance floor, ' neath the chandeliers and twixt the velvet ropes, where a smattering of beautiful it-creatures kept it body to body 'til the wee hours. Thanks for the smashing sounds Jeffertitti (this cat brought the grins) and recent Voyage Issue featuree, Mo Laudi, as well as the folks that continue to bravely make continue Le Voyage at our side, stormy as she may often be. Photographed by Ritchie King