Flaunt Premiere | Neumodel ft. Kiddy Smile "HAYAH"

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Neumodel flaunt magazine x.jpg ![Neumodel flaunt magazine x.jpg](https://cdn.prod.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bc46b2581e03b7835a32_Neumodel%2Bflaunt%2Bmagazine%2Bx.jpeg) French electronic duo [Neumodel](https://www.instagram.com/neumodel/?hl=en) has just released a new music video for their new song “HAYAH” featuring French LGBTQ+ icon and Gaultier muse, [Kiddy Smile](https://www.instagram.com/kiddysmile/). The video is a true work of art, taking inspiration from 90’s bands such as Korn, Rammstein, Slipknot, and Marilyn Manson. The duo claims their latest album and the electro-rock sound that vibrates through the record is a tribute to that music that resonates with them, which still to this day has a lot to say. On working with the Vogueing diva Kiddy Smile The duo had to say, “We think there's our best riff ever in this track, and also because we invited our dear friend Kiddy Smile to feature on it, we wanted this luxury.“ The video that came from a spitritual space as they quipped, “The music video for 'HAYAH' is the result of the encounter with the director Axel Morin. Rock music, our rock music, our Church (artistically), darkness, radicality, fashion... So many topics that made us realize we really did have a thing in common: a true vision.” Prior to this record, the group had released 4 EP’s. This is their first album. An artful dark rock masterpiece, you can watch the video and hear the track below! * * *