The Bloom Twins

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3-1.jpg ![3-1.jpg](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472abbce3abb3b9ad2af50a_3-1.jpeg) We chatted with the Ukrainian-English dark pop duo about their inspirations and the crossovers of fashion and music. The Bloom Twins are a 19 year old, identical twin sister pop duo who moved from Ukraine to London to escape political turmoil and instead found the perfect inspirational breeding ground for their signature “dark-pop” sound. Their mysterious, brooding songs with political undertones attached has attracted a significant buzz. The girls have even piqued the interest of Duran Duran, enlisting keys player Nick Rhodes to help produce their upcoming debut album. The Kuprienko twins took a moment out of their busy schedule of touring Italy with Duran Duran to discuss their new track “Amnesia,” their beginnings in fashion, and the influence of British culture on their music. **Growing up, was music always something that you bonded over? Do you remember any specific songs or albums in particular?** Our parents were always crazy about British music, maybe that's why we dreamt of moving to London and pursuing out careers as musicians there. Or favourite album was 'Let It Be' by The Beatles. **How does your relationship influence your music? Is it harder or easier to create with someone you’re so close to?** We have a very strong bond and feel one other really well. One of us can play something on the piano and the other one will start humming the melody. Depending on what is happening in our lives - the lyrics come out. Some people use diaries to write, we use songs as our diaries. **Tell me about the transition from fashion to music. Was that something you’d been anticipating?** We started singing before we could talk. We were born into a very musical family. Both of our parents are musicians and are in the same band - Mum is also a vocal teacher, our elder sister is a cello player. We were born into music and grew up with it, maybe that's why we are always keen to try playing different instruments. As we got older, we started to wear clothes to express ourselves, be it the time when one of us was a rebel listening to punk music and wearing heavy-duty outfits to enhance the message, or be it some creative make up. Essentially, when we started writing our own music, we started looking for outfits that would represent us or enhance our music. We also try to develop relationships with those designers whose clothes we like to wear - that way they feel us better and collaborations becomes mutual. We'd like to thank Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, Valery Kovalska and Antu studio for always feeling us and for making some perfect items for us. **Artistically, how is working in fashion different than working in music?** There are many similarities and they go hand in hand. In both industries, be it a designer or a musician, you are expressing yourself through a form of art you create. That's from a creator's perspective, and if talking from when you're in front of the camera, it's very different. It's an art in itself, for photographers to capture an image, and for a model to find that state of mind that can be captured, and by looking at an image, translates the moment showing the clothes. **Has location influenced your music? Is there quite a difference between producing music in Ukraine versus London?** Yes, certainly. Rainy London influenced us to write our first song! Also, what was going in Ukraine influenced what we were writing as well. Even the anthems of happiness didn't sound happy. **From where do you draw your inspiration?** It's all about experience, not just ours, but also of people we care about, or situations in life that we can't ignore. It's not always necessarily something sad, it's also all the exciting things that we experience or see. **Describe you new track ‘Amnesia’ in 3 words** Forgot. What. Matters.