LGBTQI+ TikTok Trailblazer | @onlyjayus | Isabella

![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1593135173669-CZYCSBCZPJ75VJOIGKS0/%40onlyjayus.JPG) Isabella | @onlyjayus | 6.9M followers | She / Her | 21 years old Better known as Jayus, Isabella became a Tik Tok sensation when her videos surrounding psychology and fun facts erupted on the platform, farming millions of views. Jayus makes unique and entertaining content and is focused on spreading laughs and positivity through her videos. How did your relationship with TikTok change in quarantine?Before quarantine I was going to college and doing Tik Tok as a side thing. Once quarantine hit I saw it as my opportunity to go as hard as I can with making content. My mindset is that school will always be there, but I have a limited time window to make it as a creator so why not take that chance. I take it a lot more seriously now than I did before but I still have fun with it.

What is something you've often heard about using TikTok that is untrue?I always hear that “Tik Tok is basically like vine” but it’s really not. Sure, there are a lot of videos that have “vine energy” but as a platform it’s really different. From the time limit, to the type of content, to the sheer amount of people that make videos. Tik Tok is just different.
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What are three things that make you feel fortunate?
My younger siblings, my girlfriend, my tik tok fan base

Who do you identify most with in pop culture and why?
Tig Notaro and Philip Defranco. Tig is a lesbian comedian who I really relate to humor wise and Phil is a news YouTuber who I feel like has a really level head and is someone I aspire to be in terms of building a brand for myself

What is your favorite place to create TikToks and why?
My bathroom. Or anywhere with a mirror. I don’t like using my front camera too often because 1. I don’t like the details of my face and 2. I can’t move the camera around as much and do the zoom in/big props/random spots that I’m known for
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What do you think it is about your TikTok platform that makes you unique?I’m not sure if my platform can be considered unique anymore because a lot of people has started doing what I’m doing in the recent months, but when I started Tik Tok in early 2019, nobody was really doing what I was doing. The fast paced, in the mirror, random educational stuff. That wasn’t around. Tik tok was full of dancers, funny videos and people holding signs because we didn’t have text boxes yet. I feel like I added a bit more personality to my videos than what people were doing at the time.

When do you feel powerful?When I get to wear new clothes. When a video I work really hard on blows up and goes viral. When I’m at a concert and I last a whole song in a mosh pit. When I beat my siblings in chess. When I can sing a really fast part in a song in front of someone without messing up
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