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Photo Courtesy ![Photo Courtesy](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bd8599898644cde0853d_flaunt%2Bmagazine%2BKNDRGRTN.jpeg) Photo Courtesy Coming off the release of his newest project titled _Sleeping with My Clothes_ On comes [KNDRGRTN](https://www.instagram.com/kindrgrtn/), a budding alternative musical artist that disrupts the music scene with his genre-bending sound. Inspired by 90’s rock bands mixed with a hip-hop influence, KNDRGRTN’s music remains fluid, ebbing with inspiration from his favorite music—not just one genre. Though for the Michigan native, his creativity isn’t limited to the music he makes. As an innate creative, KNDRGRTN is drawn to creating in many mediums. From painting, to video production and film, he’s eager to do as much as he can; a musical artist with a career in more than just making music.  We recently sat down with KNDRGRTN to discuss his new EP, his creative process and what he looks forward to next. **What’s your new EP about?** _Sleeping With My Clothes On_ is a combination of memories and experiences articulated through music the best way possible. A lot of themes covering love and emotions, vices, and the confusing journey we’re all on. **How would you define your music/sound?**  It’s honestly hard for me to define my sound. I draw influences from a span of genres, mainly rock and hip-hop. **Where do you get your inspiration?**  I get inspired by many things, mainly just day to day life. I remember one time I spent days in the studio locked in on a certain song and found myself at a wall creatively. Later that day I went out and while I was hopping around all night I felt this wave of inspiration and what I was looking for came to me. Watching old live concerts of The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and other artists is something I really enjoy doing during studio sessions, it helps me get in the right emotional state to record. As I’ve always felt, I truly don’t understand why I feel more inspired in certain moments rather than others. I feel like that’s the beauty of art and music, it’s a process that consistently changes. **What does making music mean to you?** It has multiple meanings, some more personal than others. It’s more of a therapeutic outlet for me to tell my stories in a fun way. I also learn a lot more about myself diving back into my memories to write. I also really enjoy making music for the listener; growing up there were artists that I listened to every day and helped me get through so much, I felt like I had a personal connection I really didn’t have with them. I know how important music was to me throughout my life, and I want to return the favor.  **How did you get into music?** I started making beats early in high school but I was never that good at first. I stopped focusing on music and set my focus on sports and school. As I got older the love and passion for making music overtook me and it was the only thing I could focus on. Spending all my free time in the studio and studying the industry, other artists and music. I was working non-stop burning myself out, when I got recognized and met my producer and good friend White Gold (Bobby Yewah). I moved out to LA right around this time (about two years ago) and ever since then I’ve been either working with him in LA or New York. **How else do you stay creative outside of making music?**  I’ve been painting as well for some time now. It’s a good outlet for me to have next to music. Sometimes I need a recording break to freshen up, and I have that to turn too to keep me creative. As well, I’ve recently been getting into acting and directing. I’ve always been obsessed with films and the whole process behind what goes into cinematography. I’m only 21, and I know the more I work at everything, the more opportunities will come my way. I’m enjoying the journey. **Growing up, when did you realize that you could sing or had a passion for making music?** At an early age, and the older I get the more my passion grows.  **Coming off the release of your EP Sleeping With Your Clothes On, what’s next for you? What are you looking forward to?**  More videos are coming, that’s something I really want to emphasize as a pairing with this EP. I’m excited to put out more music soon, but for now I’m focusing on this project.