Jhené Aiko curates a visual diary to take us backstage before her show at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/e712bc72-ce8b-4804-8a1f-472e9158ca64/gettingready1.jpg) In a series of photographs , taken exclusively for Flaunt - both by Jhené Aiko herself , and her photographer Renee Rodriguez, we are treated to a rare and intimate, behind the scenes look at Jhené’s final concert before she gives birth to her baby boy (an announcement that Big Sean made with her on stage together during the show), at the legendary Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The show - named ALLEL, was ethereal and exquisite, like Jhené herself. Her live vocals - pristine. She is a force on the stage, taking her fans through her catalogue in a multilayered approach. Sound healing, meditation and breath work weaved throughout the show.
On the look she is wearing: Jhené: “Being 8 months pregnant, I wanted to wear something that had room for my belly for sure. When I saw this dress and how it sparkled, I knew it would look great on stage. Feeling comfortable on stage is always important to me, but even more so right now. I knew I needed something that was easy to breathe in and this dress wasn’t constricting in any way, which made it perfect! Accessorizing with diamonds really set off the stones on the dress. I went barefoot because I’m a bit wobbly with my big belly (lol), I felt a lot more stable that way. “ Her choice to put on a healing experience for her fans during her third-trimester of her pregnancy Jhené: “I’ve been excited to share what I’ve been learning about sound healing and using music as medicine with my audience. Incorporating healing tones, mantra and meditation into my shows is something I have been doing for years now. It’s always inspiring to hear how the music and intention behind the music has helped people on their journey. Being able to do these type of intentional shows is a lot less anxiety inducing for me, which is so important for me and the baby. Sound healing, mantra and meditation are things I will continue to incorporate more and more in my music and live shows. I’ve been excited to share the benefits of sound with my 13 year old daughter and I love that the baby in my belly has been getting to experience it as well.” Her advice and practices to keep comfortable Jhené: “Staying comfortable is key for me. I feel the most confident and like my most authentic self when I feel comfortable. From what I wear, to how my hair is styled, to how my makeup looks… if it doesn’t feel right, I don’t feel at ease. Being prepared, getting enough sleep the night before and taking my time getting ready helps so much. I think it’s also important to make sure my team feels comfortable because we feed off of each other’s energy. Having masseuses backstage doesn’t hurt either! “ what keeps her going Jhené: “I’ve been practicing gratitude and that has really kept me going. Even when things can be perceived as overwhelming… at the end of the day I choose to see it as an abundant life, rather than a chaotic life. Every day I wake up ready for a new adventure."
Stylist: Sam Woolf Photography: Renee Rodriguez and Jhené Aiko Wardrobe credits: Dress: Self Portrait Earrings by Anabela Chan and Romantic Elf Jewelry Rings by Candy Ice, Mara Paris, Djula Choker by Djula thanks Léa Savary and the team at FYI Brand Group