Issue 153 | Editor's Letter
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1558641774419-ZKC8X39TFREKBN7LLB1V/Flaunt+Magazine+-+Issue+153%2C+Editor%27s+Letter.png) Editor’s Letter Dear Readers: Flaunt was forced to publish the Girlfriends Issue because of a recent injunction stopping media from “being the enemy of the American people.” It meant withdrawal of federal funding, and alas, we were tired of perpetuating falsity and conspiracy theories anyway. Wait, that’s a lie. Well, an Alternative Fact. American media has been called an “enemy” by the nation’s eloquent Commander in Chief via Twitter, but there was no injunction. That just sounded better and made more sense to our free market agenda here in Hollywood. As for the Girlfriends Issue, that came about with the unfortunate knowledge that such problematic, pseudo-autocratic speak would be upon us come Spring ‘17, and that women need, could, and would rise up together in resistance. And they did, and she persisted. And as Flaunt has been doing for the better part of 19 years, we too responded as best we know: with creative interpretation via our unique community. Loaded with speculative journalism, this Alternative Facts Issue (sic) considers Girlfriends, now perhaps more invaluable than ever. See: our embedding of the Women’s March on page 146, wherein we experience Baader-Meinhof syndrome – that bizarre meta-recurrence of something like a word or a sound, previously alien (and no, we don’t mean the cadence “tremendous,” and no we don’t mean murderous refugees) – along with no-waver Lydia Lunch. Then, a conversation with Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington, who in their mid and late 20s, as young attorneys, piloted the landmark Roe v. Wade case (page 90). We spoke to Rosamund Pike (page 166), featured here with her best friend Charlotte, about the critical influence of her decades-long friend. With apologies to Heisenberg, we derived “The Scandal To Power” uncertainty principle of feminism visa-vis entertainment media vis-a-vis social media; a.k.a. debunking The Walk of Shame (page 100). There’s boozy mani-pedis (page 82). There’s hag fags (Page 140). There’s TV-lit cuddles and selfies (see Sofia Richie and Pia Mia, page 176). There’s power lunching between power crunching between carpet munching betwixt L.A.’s twelve-to-one thirty all greens and protein scene (Page 92). There’s the sultry origins of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” (Page 291). There’s also a crop of dudes, extremely vetted, forever grateful to their girlfriends far and wide, be they past tense, alternative, factual, or sculpted by myth and lore. Enjoy the issue, and don’t abate. With regards, Matthew Bedard