Flaunt Premiere | Humors "I Told You" + Album Announcement
Photographed by Yousef Hilmy ![Photographed by Yousef Hilmy](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bb9fd9c940c1f9787ac9_flaunt-Humors.jpeg) Photographed by Yousef Hilmy The Los Angeles-based duo, Humors announces their second body of work _Great Big Skies_ with their music video for their single “I Told You” directed by Nate Rynaski. From the time of their conception in 2018, the ethereal project stemming from the exploratory minds of producer and drummer, Freddie Bayne, and vocalist and electronics artist, Gemma Godfrey, has been designing a new odd pop aesthetic for their listeners to experience featuring droning tones, hauntingly experimental vocal production, and a limitless spirit of improvisational freedom. Their self-produced and self-released debut album, Let Me Slip featured 36 minutes of continuous imaginative nocturnal melodies that explore contemporary soundscapes. With their second album on the way, releasing on December 20, Humors has been transcending the electronic genre into their own experimental experience. Humors’ stark, yet playful music video for “I Told You” features the lovely Monica Williams, who perfectly complements their whimsical ode to true love. The Minaret Records signed duo’s, Great Big Skies will feature sultrier and more circuit-based arrangements highlighting their talent in improvisation and sublime electronics. Their unique perspective creates a narrative that celebrates and reflects their reveries on love, longing, growing pains, and what the future holds for them.