Why Patient Safety & Patient Experience Matter More Than Ever Now, Dr. Gregory Crichlow Explains

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![](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1626187556561-8Y4TQ7KT3JNZBV3U5U8Z/dr_gregory.jpeg) [Dr. Gregory Crichlow](https://www.instagram.com/avantblue/) is the founder of AvantBlue Medical Systems, a highly innovative practice that offers world-class beauty solutions. AvantBlue provides surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic solutions that allow patients to become the best versions of themselves. In addition to running AvantBlue, Dr. Crichlow also created the Metabolic Fusion MD® weight loss program. This is a successful weight management program in the Caribbean and the world. Dr. Crichlow has been practicing successfully for 25 years and running AvantBlue for the past 14 years. During his extensive career, he realized that the essential thing a practice must ensure is patient safety and an excellent patient experience. "As a doctor, your primary concern should be the well-being of your patients," Dr. Crichlow says. "You always have to put your patients' needs first and ensure outstanding results every time, especially when it comes to aesthetic procedures. As a result, positive patient experiences will help your practice grow." Thanks to the Internet, people nowadays research everything before making a decision. Having an established online presence for a practice backed up with positive patient reviews will undoubtedly help attract more patients. "Practice reputation plays a tremendous role in the selection process among would-be patients. Approximately nine in ten people indicate that reputation is important when selecting a practice," Dr. Gregory Crichlow says. "Further, once an individual selects and utilizes your practice, they are more likely to come back to you for future healthcare needs if you provide them with an excellent experience." Speaking from his personal experience, Dr. Crichlow claims that every single interaction in a doctor's office can affect a patient’s experience and satisfaction. "Starting with the design of your waiting room to what you and your staff are wearing, every single aspect of your practice adds to the patient experience. However, the most important element is communication, especially between the patient and physician." In addition to pleasing practice design, Dr. Crichlow points out that interaction with the patients matters the most. "You need to train your medical staff and teach them how to interact with the patients properly. As a physician, you must communicate what will happen during the patient's appointment or surgery," he says. "When it comes to aesthetic procedures, you need to get to the heart of a patient's expectations. You can ask them open-ended questions and allow them to explain their concerns but also what they hope their visit will accomplish," Dr. Crichlow adds. Patient satisfaction is the key to the success of any practice. "Many doctors believe that their patients are satisfied as long as they receive proper medical care. Of course, that matters the most. However, all the other aspects, including the interaction with the patient, lead to a better patient experience. Patient satisfaction will undoubtedly lead to patient loyalty, better clinical outcomes, patient compliance, and fewer medical malpractice suits. In practical terms, we need to also see our patients as "consumers" of our services, which then requires us to address issues beyond medical care," Dr. Crichlow explains. As Dr. Gregory Crichlow exemplifies, patient safety and experience now matter more than ever before. In order to ensure continuous practice growth and patient satisfaction, Dr. Crichlow advises all fellow doctors to ensure that their medical knowledge is up to date and that they always stay on top of the latest business trends.