Flaunt Premiere | Giveon "Garden Kisses"

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The mesmerizing and smooth baritone sound of Giveon is the newest R&B vocalist on the rise. Born and raised in Long Beach, California, he first discovered his musical interests through what he describes as his mother's "black women heartbreak music." Despite this musical outlet, Giveon grew up in a hypermasculine household with three brothers, unable to express certain emotions. Songwriting became his channel to convey the complexities in his mind. By capturing moods and translating them into musical works, Giveon captivates his listeners by transporting them into his reality. We spoke with the up-and-coming artist to discuss inspirations, lyrics, and what's more to come:  **What was your inspiration for _Garden Kisses_?**  I wanted to write a piece that explored sexuality. The analogy of a Garden came to mind because when you’re in a garden you must be gentle, caring, and selfless - just like intimacy.  **Growing up, your mother listened to music you describe as “black women heartbreak music,” from Mary J. Blige and Sade to Denise Williams and Anita Baker. How has this genre of music shaped your sound?** That genre is the heartbeat of my sound. Although what I create sounds different, those artists taught me melody and how to write something that connects emotionally to the listener.  **You fell in love with songwriting before taking an interest in vocals. In _Garden Kisses_, what lyric holds the most meaning to you?** I love the opening line, "I might get a ticket tonight, trying to make it to your crib." That simple line shows the deep desire and sets the tone for the whole song.  **What can we expect from your 4-track EP debut, _Viridian Inn_?** With this upcoming EP, you can expect a smooth tone paired with soothing melodies, and music that doesn’t have too much production, but it feels like enough. To see more about [Giveon](https://www.instagram.com/giveon/) click [here](http://smarturl.it/GardenKisses). * * * Written by: Morgan Vickery