Flaunt Premiere | Fell Runner "Dog Inside A Car"

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Los Angeles-based experimental rock band Fell Runner gives Flaunt an exclusive premiere for “Dog Inside A Car,” the latest single from their upcoming sophomore album, _Talking._ Before Fell Runner there was CalArts, the hallowed multidisciplinary institution rooted in visual and performing arts. CalArts’ jazz department included two bright students with a propensity for the guitar and crafting harmonic vocals which matched their compositions. Steven van Betten and Greg Uhlmann were their names. Thus, Fell Runner was born. Now a four piece, the band melds together guitar rock with polyrhythms, spirited harmonies, and literary sensibilities to create a refreshing sound which stands alone in the LA rock scene. Tracks like “Dog Inside a Car”, amongst others, show them building upon and complementing their influences. The track begins with a traditional rock song structure, featuring bright, jangly guitars and a catchy chorus before shifting into a blown-out jam session, allowing the band to breathe while impressing with the mastery of their respective instruments. This aspect is illuminated during their triumphant live shows for which they’ve become known.  As for lyrics, the band states the track is “about a human’s effort to still the diversions of its mind, while getting lost in questions beyond human comprehension.” Hear “Dog Inside a Car,” via Soundcloud. _Talking,_ the bands second album is released on June 21 by Yes PLZ records. You can skip the long lines at Amoeba by preordering the album at the link below. https://fellrunner.bandcamp.com/ Flaunt-Fell Runner2.jpg ![Flaunt-Fell Runner2.jpg](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472b771b85a752a305eb707_Flaunt-Fell%2BRunner2.jpeg)