Fendi Solar Dream | NYC

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1204330496.jpg ![1204330496.jpg](https://global-uploads.webflow.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bc7e345acd7281a6bbf1_1204330496.jpeg) Following Milan’s **_Solar Dream_** pop-up in January, [FENDI](https://www.fendi.com/us) transported the celebration to New York City for fashion week attendees. With DJ sets by Coco & Breezy and Soo Joo Park, party-goers mingled over FENDI’s SS20 Women’s and Men’s garments designed by Silvia Venturini. ![1204329822.jpg](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1581018648729-FZPQRBIIUS19HLUBN08R/1204329822.jpg) ![1204330482.jpg](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1581018651970-ZBVSRMAE7JB24CMHWVXD/1204330482.jpg) #block-yui\_3\_17\_2\_1\_1581017461955\_108345 .sqs-gallery-block-grid { margin-right: -5px; } #block-yui\_3\_17\_2\_1\_1581017461955\_108345 .sqs-gallery-block-grid .sqs-gallery-design-grid-slide .margin-wrapper { margin-right: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px; } Last night, SS20 was displayed with an immersive installation, mirroring the honey, pale-pink, and pecan colored floral prints adorned throughout the store and collection.  Zendaya, Katie Holmes, Miles Teller, Winnie Harlow, Dylan Sprouse + Barbara Palvin, Amanda Steele, Iris Law, and  Sami Miro enjoyed champagne and treats, honoring a more playful and rebellious FENDI in the new year. ![](https://global-uploads.webflow.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bc7d345acd7281a6bb13_image-asset.jpeg) The **_Solar Dream_** experience will be on display through Monday, February 17th.  * * * _Images courtesy of Getty._