Emily Hackett / The Songwriter Taps Hardcastle For “Can’t Help Myself”

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Photo Credit: Daniel Dimitri ![Photo Credit: Daniel Dimitri](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d0304ad19b55341a509d_EmilyHackettFLAUNT.jpeg) Photo Credit: Daniel Dimitri What do you do when you just _can’t_ stop yourself from going back to the person who is, to put it lightly, unhealthy for you? For Nashville’s [Emily Hackett](https://www.instagram.com/ms_emilyhackett/?hl=en), she pens a powerful song about it. Premiered exclusively on Flaunt, “Can’t Help Myself” is the latest track from the emotive songwriter, pulling from the anxious, debilitating feelings that arise when you can’t muster up the strength to stop yourself from going to them. An artist who’s been praised for her confessional storytelling, Emily has been releasing a slew of singles that prove she’s one of the strongest songwriters in the industry today. For Emily, the track is a representation of a cat-and-mouse situation: when there’s so much emotion involved and you can’t let go, finding yourself going back to the person that isn’t right for you.  Emily describes the record as “a double-edged truth about the difficulty in letting go of the human desire for control and the unavoidable tendency to find yourself going back for more. I know what healthy looks like, and it sure as well isn't the anxiety I submit myself to when I compare and act out of fear. I know I can't help myself, but damn... I can't help myself.” Collaborating with Hardcastle, one of Nashville’s fastest rising rock bands, was a match made in song-making heaven. Alluding to the variety of ways songwriters are utilizing to continue making music in 2020, Hardcastle lead singer Graham Laderman states, “We enjoyed helping bring Emily’s vision to life. Working in this atmosphere brought a new perspective to working together in the studio as well.” If you’re feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle of going back and forth to someone who isn’t right for you…. Emily Hackett has the song for you. Check out “Can’t Help Myself” now!