The Driver Era | "Feel You Now"

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The [last time Flaunt spoke with Ross and Rocky Lynch,](http://www.flaunt.com/content/ross-and-rocky-lynch) the brothers behind The Driver Era, the duo were releasing their first batch of singles under their newest moniker and were gearing up for a summer run of music festivals which would witness the band’s first ever live performances. Their band, was still an infant and Ross had started making a name for himself in the movie and television industry. It’s incredible how so much can change in such little time. Since the Flaunt interview, The Driver Era has released a handful of singles, racked up millions of views on YouTube, and has positioned themselves as headliners on a nationwide tour. Oh yeah, Ross Lynch’s Hollywood star was shot into the stratosphere when he took on Netflix “Harvey Kinkle,” in the _Chilling Adventures of Sabrina_. Their newest single “Feel You Now,” accompanied by a stop-motion lyric video by Amber Robb. “Feel You Now,” continues The Driver Era’s excellent streak of singles with a bombastic chorus combined with silky, summertime grooves. Concerning the lyrics subject matter, Ross Lynch says “Feel You Now is about the struggle between your head and your heart. Fear or love. A common topic conversation for Rocky and myself. “Dig the video and catch the vibes below then catch The Driver Era at the Roxy on March 29. Photographed by: [Max Baker](https://www.instagram.com/maxbakerphoto/) Stylist: [Marissa Motley](https://www.instagram.com/marissa.motley/?hl=en) Groomer: [Dalton](https://www.instagram.com/itsjustdalton/?hl=en)