ZEGNA | Summer in Oasi

Fresh as an Oasis

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Liam Kozak

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ZEGNA is launching the Summer in Oasi initiative, showcasing a range of products inspired by the Oasi Zegna, the natural territory created by ZEGNA’s founder in 1910. The collection includes the Triple Stitch™ Espadrilles, the classic Overshirt, and the breezy Linen separates–all crafted and created with summer in mind. Luxury Leisurewear is a modern concept aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the contemporary man, where comfort and practicality take center stage in reimagining everyday wardrobe essentials. 

Whether you're at a sub-Saharan oasis or catching shade in Oasi Zegna, your dog day threads can be found at ZEGNA. Explore ZEGNA’s flexible range of casual silhouettes made with lightweight materials for the upcoming season now at Zegna.com.

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Fashion, Summer 2023, Oasi Zegna