MR PORTER X Gallery Dept. | The New Capsule Collection

The two iconic brands marry streetwear and luxury in their new capsule.

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Mecca Woodson

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With a penchant for style and environmental consciousness, the men’s label Mr Porter is a ‘destination of discovery’, offering a curated selection of over 500 of the world’s most sought-after brands. Similarly, Gallery Dept. has built their foundation on quality and repurposing, reimagining vintage garments without compromising artistic integrity. The two brands came together to curate an exclusive, limited-edition 26-piece collection of ready-to-wear pieces. Artist and founder of Gallery Dept. describes the union as “the perfect intersection to solidify what modern luxury is today”

Throughout the capsule, upcycled garments or deadstock fabrics were used to fabricate unique garments, with handcrafted details from paint splatter to distressing. Denim is a distinctive theme throughout the collection, citing the brand’s tradition of upcycling vintage Levi’s 501 jeans. The collection notably includes an array of denim jeans and jackets with hand-embroidered and distressed aspects, giving each piece a distinguishing look. Pieces like the classic hoodie with the hand-stitched G-patch and the camouflage painter trousers have patchwork features, an acknowledgment of Gallery Dept.’s experimental use of patchwork, making each garment an exclusive one-off. 

The collaborative effort delivers a range of unique styles that speak to the ethos and design DNA of both brands. Available to a global audience online on October 11th, the capsule collection fully realizes streetwear and luxury, with sustainability in mind.

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Mecca Woodson, Gallery Dept., Mr Porter