MONCLER | Genius in Shanghai

Off to China

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Julia Zara

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It doesn’t take a genius… oh wait. Perhaps it does.

Moncler, maker of luxury outerwear, will take its Moncler Genius ingenuity to China with an immersive event at Shanghai Fashion Week this October. As one of the largest municipalities in China, Shanghai is an energetic ecosystem that's positioned at the bustling intersection of design, luxury fashion, art and entertainment.

Inaugurated in 2018, Moncler Genius is an innovation hub that keeps its finger on the pulse of culture. Cross-pollinating with today’s leading designers and industry figures, the collection generates new, innovative pieces. This includes Moncler x Roc Nation, the brainchild of rapper Jay-Z. The creative direction of Moncler Genius’ closing event will be announced later this year.

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