Messika | New Chainlink Jewelry Line 'Move Link'

The French luxury brand adds a diamond-encrusted edge to the chain jewelry rage.

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Brendan Le

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In front of a wall of rich purple, backdropped by a desolate desert, supermodel Alton Mason strikes a flexible pose to show off French luxury brand Messika Jewelry’s latest set of accessories. Titled Move Link, founder and Artistic Director Valérie Messika reinvents one of the brand’s staple lines, Move Uno—a sliding diamond caged in gold—into a collection of chain jewelry.

With a selection of hoop and pendant earrings to bracelets and necklaces, the chain link pieces twine together the jewelry house’s signature shapes and contemporary trends to push Messika into the future. Kendall Jenner, donning several Move Link pieces, perches atop a vintage V8 parked in the barren outskirts—a gem in a sea of dull uniformity. In an effort to create a collection that breaches the limits of gender and time, Messika adds an edge to classic forms that sets Move Link apart from the field.

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