Maimoun | First Store Opens in LA

Building community and championing talent

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Maimoun, the multi-brand store founded and curated by Mina Alyeshmerni, and renowned for fostering and showcasing emerging designer talent, has just opened their first brick-and-mortar store with a celebration in Los Angeles. Situated at 8400 W 3rd St. in West Hollywood, the store will proudly showcase a diverse array of brands like Rave Review, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Yuhan Wang, J.kim, Julia Heuer, SC103, Anna Isabella, Priscavera and more. Additionally, Maimoun will offer exclusive pieces including the Knitwear Work collection by Pat Carroll’s label, Summon Elemental, the Bleach Painted Tops crafted by Persian artist Nadair Asghari, and the Up-cycled Kilts designed by Rosie Evans from the UK, among other captivating selections. The official opening of the space was May 11th. 

Photographed by Jennifer Wolf

Maimoun, whose name originates from the Persian term “meh-moun” signifying the invited company or guests for a home gathering, has been crafted to evoke a welcoming ambiance. Mina collaborated with Niloufar Mozafari, a Persian interior designer and creative director, to conceive and construct the space. Nilou and Mina drew inspiration from 90s interior design, Issey Miyake boutiques, 80s films, and the aesthetics of typical Persian homes. This influence is evident in the floor cushions inspired by Mina’s childhood home. 

Additionally, Mina enlisted the expertise of fashion designer James Phlemuns to design all fabric applications, such as the store flags and silk organza curtains in the fitting rooms and throughout the store. For the fitting rooms’ ceramic lighting fixtures, Mina turned to her friend and artist Chloe Park, who conveniently lived within walking distance of the store and created something unique for the space. The seating furniture was sourced from iconic vintage store, Windows LA, specifically featuring Maimoun’s collection of Perforated Metal Chairs and Cross-Hatch Leather Stools found in the dressing rooms. Moreover, Mina and Nilou conceived exclusive pieces tailored specifically for the space, utilizing materials and colors that exuded a grounded and visually captivating essence. Decorative cinder blocks enveloped in silk organza, mohair pillows, cushioned satin hangers, and furniture that traverses different eras harmoniously come together to establish an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. 

Mina’s parents, who moved from Iran following the revolution in 1979, used to host salons in their New York home to bring together artists, musicians, and writers. Mina hopes to continue that vision in Los Angeles, building community and championing emerging artists in Tinsel Town. In celebration of this spirit, Mia Carucci performed at the opening.

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