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Queer hyperpop duo, Club Eat, celebrates the release of their debut album, Start, with bi-coastal happenings in Los Angeles and New York City on May 25th and May 27th, respectively. DJ-vocalist Ren G and producer Chicken will kick things off at LA’s boutique watering hole Gold Diggers before returning to their New York City stomping grounds for an unforgettable party at Mehenata.S

Start is a captivating collection of tracks that weave together playful, sexy, and dance-focused beats with cheeky lyrics. The album showcases Club Eat’s sonic experimentation and serves as a powerful expression of individual freedom and unapologetic self-expression. A pop album from start to finish, the first release entitled “Bubblegum” is a vibey electro-pop bop destined for the dancefloor. With a few EPs already released to the world, this new album is a welcomed manifestation of the twosome’s artistic vision.

“Embrace your dark side, who cares,” says Ren G. “Find beauty and inspiration in everyday things.” She hopes listeners find “a sense of inspiration, fun, fearlessness, confidence, and joy.”

The duo made waves throughout New York City’s nightlife and music scene, captivating audiences with their addictive dance anthems and unconventional performances. Emerging from the city’s underground scene, Club Eat has garnered a cult following, gracing renowned venues like NY’s and even performing at the Celine Paris Fashion party. They even orchestrated their own self-produced illegal rave, transforming the back of a truck into a pulsating party. 

“Our sound began very rooted in drum-heavy functional club music and slowly evolved into more vocal-driven format where we bring in elements from all different genres,” says Chicken. “The writing has become more narrative and personal as well, making for an overall more traditional pop album.”

Club Eat’s debut album and their electrifying presence in the music scene demonstrate their artistic prowess and commitment to pushing boundaries.

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