Casablanca | Autumn/Winter 2023

A celebration of life.

Written by

Tamara Jiji

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On Saturday, January 21st, French-Moroccan designer Charaf Tajer unveiled Casablanca’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection. Featuring a string of spirited, vibrant prints and colors, Casablanca’s latest collection is reminiscent of the coastal city itself. Contrasting ski-inspired silhouettes with summery colors, the collection brought color and life to an otherwise muted season. 

The collection also aimed to shed light on the ongoings across the border. Tajer spoke on his hopes for world, and how he feels fashion can act as a vessel to promote change within it. “We’re not saying that fashion is the solution, but we should use our voices to raise issues and shout loudly, and do anything we can to create a better world. That’s the purpose of this collection. A piece of theatre inspired by courage. A reflection of the pain and beauty I witnessed in a war zone. If I talk about it, then maybe you will talk about it too. And maybe you will be touched by what you see. Then together, we can infuse change. For the peace”.

See the new collection here.

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