Zhavia | BTS "Deep Down"

by Flaunt Magazine

At 17 years old, Zhavia is at the beginning of a promising career. The young artists started her journey when she competed as a finalist on the singing competition show, The Four: Battle for Stardom. Growing up in a household of musicians, her path was pretty clear as her intention of becoming a musician would be. With a background in guitar and piano, the dedicated songstress created her debut EP.

            While the up and coming artist has been hard at work on her 6 track EP, her song “Candlelight” is the first single she has released. The song she wrote two years prior to the release, she wants to convey the message of: “you always have to have hope in every situation… you have to believe in yourself and stay positive”. She soulfully sings about burning bright. Watch the music video for “Candlelight” here.

            Zhavia took to London to create her new music video for her single, “Deep Down”. The vintage, feel-good single was just released and carries that same soulful spirit in the music video. Check out some of the BTS snaps. Another taste to her full EP that will be coming out around the corner. Be sure to keep your eyes on the talented, young artist as she journeys through stardom.

Written by: Collin Schreiber

Photos by:  Amber Felix