Weekend Recall | The Knocks (NYC) vs. Sofi Tukker (LA)

by Morgan Vickery

The NY-based group, The Knocks, and LA-based, Sofi Tukker [Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern], are no strangers in the realm of electronic music. The duos have worked alongside one another for years- sparking friendship among the countless collaborations. The Knocks [Ben “Broc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson] released Sofi Tukker’s debut single “Drinkee” on their record label, HeavyRoc, which subsequently earned a Grammy nomination. After the triumphs of their first project, they soon recognized the magic resulting from their partnership. To repay the favor, the friends joined forces on the single “Best Friend,” which hit #1 on numerous dance/electronic charts. More recently, the pairs collaborated on “Brazilian Soul,” off The Knocks album ‘New York Narcotic’ [Neon/Gold Big Beat Records].

As the remix for “Brazilian Soul” is set to release this Friday, the two groups have come together yet again for a Weekend Recall showdown. The Knocks in the city of dreams and Sofi Tukker in the city of angels; The dyads are teaming off to earn ‘Best Weekend’ in their respective cities. Who takes home the winning title? Well, that’s up to you. 

The Knocks

Fall in NYC is the best. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar.

Mandy from Misterwives working in the studio. We have been friends for years. The best music always comes when working with friends.

A good boy. The best boy.

NYC offers an endless amount of inspiration. Saturdays are for simplicity and nostalgia. The Warhol exhibit.

the knocks 6.jpg

This is our friend Blu. Blu is coming on tour with us in January. We are working on her new music. Blu is dope.

the knocks 7.jpg

Our new baby. We are building out our new studio in Soho and this is the backbone of our new digs.

the knocks 8.jpg

We released our new album New York Narcotic in October but that’s not stopping us from getting back in the studio and working on new music. Comics and beer for inspiration.

the knocks 9.jpg

Nighttime in New York will forever be our favorite. We love this city.

Sofi Tukker


Did this as much as I could this weekend!! But there were too many friends around that I needed to see, so I could use more of this!!


Got to hang and see my friend Daniela (Nora En Pure) perform at Exchange on Saturday. The vibe was amazing, she’s sooooo good!!


Got to hang with my good friends! And collaborators Jon and Karen Hume! Love them.


Showing Jon some new tracks I’ve been working on! Also trying to think of a name for my giraffe.


Went and saw Crush Club slay it at the W west Beverly Hills. Feeling lucky all weekend to have such talented friends.


Riding around the new spot. Anything to procrastinate unpacking.

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