Weekend Recall | Bad Suns

by Morgan Vickery

Bad Suns are the Los Angeles-based boy band straddling a rock & roll, post-punk, and pop sound. Formed as teenagers in sunny California, Bad Suns includes vocalist, Christo Bowman, Gavin Bennett on bass, Miles Mores on drums, and Ray Libby on guitar. The group’s resolute sound reflects their dynamic and reflective work, inspired by the immersion of arts and literature. With energetic vocals and blazing guitar tones, fans are crossing land, air, and sea to hear them live. We caught up with the ambitious troupe, to view a weekend in their life:


Woke up in Cologne and then made our way to Amsterdam. Had a shave and then wandered the streets near our hotel.

We didn’t have as much time to explore Amsterdam as we would’ve liked, but we did get to see a Burger King!

Our record company is stationed right near the venue we played, so we had the chance to pop in for some snacks, hangs, and pinball before the sold out show.

Always surreal performing to a packed house, even more so when you’re in a new country for the first time and they’re singing all the lyrics back to you. (Photo by @melisspictures)

You know you chose the right hotel when there’s a lobby cat.


Got up early and made our way to Paris. Our van has a bed in it, and I was able to sleep through the whole ride. Hallelujah.

After soundcheck, we made our way towards Notre Dame, via a pit stop at the Saint Jacques Tower.

We’re not NOT gonna eat at a place called Cafe Panis.

A bittersweet air hangs over the last day of any tour. We’ve just conquered our first ever European run and met so many wonderful people along the way. Here we are with our sound engineer Kevin and our tour manager Rafael.

It’s always great to meet the wonderful, dedicated people who travel from different cities, states, or even countries to make it to our shows. Jarrett is an all star example.



One more group shot at the airport and we’re off.


Au revoir!

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Bad Sun’s third album, Mystic Truth, is set to release 3.22.19