Problemas | "WEEDsexTV"

by BJ Panda Bear


Problemas has premiered a video for her new track “WEEDsexTV” featuring the notorious weed Nuns, The Sisters of The Valley! The track was produced by tiz featuring Nesta. This song and video aim to become the anthem for the female cannabis world. In the utopian clip, directed by Jacki Huntington and Jing Niu, the musician is paired with nuns praying to an alter of their trimmings, before a thorough sage cleansing. Problemas explains herself, “WEEDsexTV is a song about being exhausted with ones own goals and feeling very isolated from your scene and evolution. Underneath it all is about being okay with ones pace and accepting your constant uncertain direction.” As the religious iconography and psychedelic moments get entangled, we got to thinking, maybe getting high is just another form of religion? 

Photo by Travis Keller