The Moniker International Art Fair Debut in Brooklyn

by flaunt

This past weekend, we met up with media partner, Moniker, for their first international art fair in New York. Moniker debuted its first U.S. show from May 3rd to May 8th in the 9,000 square foot Brooklyn Warhouse, Greenpoint Terminal, overlooking the East River.

Known for its thematic fairs, the warehouse transformed into an interactive carnival to accommodate 20 exhibits and 13 solo artists from all over the world. A hand-painted, carnival bar stood in the middle of the warehouse amongst a mix of gallery and street art, captivating attention from thirsty guests at every glance. Surrounding the bar, there was a diverse group of installations ranging from short films, to curated discussions and immersive art. Brooklyn art connoisseurs and naive consumers alike were able to collaborate with the space through these interactive experiences. 

This is nothing new for Moniker. The group has strived to provide a fresh art experience for guests since their inception in 2010. They have always welcome a varied assortment of viewers to participate with their selection of unique artists.

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Written by: Morgan Vickery

Photography by: Rye Decker