Flaunt Premiere | The Bliss "Nothing Scares Me"

by Taylor Giangregorio

flaunt - The Bliss 1.JPG

Hip-hop producer Felix Snow has perfectly melted his glitch-pop melodies into TYSM’s (otherwise known as Chelsea Davenport) soothing voice with their latest single under the collaborative title “The Bliss.” Their new single, “Nothing Scares Me,” is filled with contagious choruses and enthralling beats telling the tale of how electrifying love can be.

““Nothing Scares Me Anymore” basically birthed The Bliss on a writing trip we made last summer,” the duo recalls the origins of their coalition. “It was a lightning in a bottle song. It became more and more magical the longer we lived with it. When we made the song, it was like ‘Yes, this is the direction we should move in.’ We knew that we wanted to explore this sound more which just led to more and more great music we can’t wait to release.”

Following the pair’s debut single, “Got The Love,” the latest single further expands upon the beautiful combination of Davenport’s melodic voice and Snow’s infectious production. Dropping on March 15, the catchy tune “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” will have to hold you over until the electro-pop duo continue to explore their creative bounds and release more magic.

Photo by Zachary Gray