The Bitch List

by Niza Metoyer


Following the golden globes, talk of diversity (or lack thereof) fills the air. Awards season prompts many to voice their opinions, and motivate for change. And that is exactly what is doing.

The Bitch List is a list of screenplays that a team, known as the ‘Bitch Pack,’ hopes will be greenlit in 2019. How does it work? Entertainment professionals send nominations that they have read, each story, teleplay, or feature screenplay will get 1 point for being nominated, the points add up the more it is nominated. As of this year if the screenplay being nominated passes “the New Bechdel Tests, The Duvernay Test, or The Waithe test it will get 2 points added. In the end, the top five point earners will receive the latest Final Draft 11 software. The subjective votes are what creates the list which, in the end, adds up to more than the initial five, this year bringing relevance to as many as 26 stories.

The Bitch Pack prides themselves on the idea of  “getting better dialogue for women,” with their list that has been published every year since 2014 they are hoping for better representation for women, and POC, paving the way for all kinds of people of various genders, abilities, sizes, and orientations to be included. Their goal with the Bitch List is for those who have been relegated to the side lines will have their well-deserved time in the spotlight.