The Big Bag Theory

by BJ Panda Bear

For the most part I think we have been well behaved in our accessory habits. Perhaps last season’s binge on a $700 mini bag that barely fit my phone(or keys or actually I could barely even fit my vape) wasn’t the best way to say fuck it to the internet. In all seriousness why are we ready to return to the “Big Bag,” is it because we are craving comfort or is it because we want something to hold on to? 

In many ways we can all dissect this as some reflection of a much needed security blanket. After a year of post #metoo reactions to the objectifying gaze, going arms open with the mini’s brought that sense of being proud and free of the typical patriarchal thought of a bag’s source of independence and power. Or are we scared to death about the flawed eco system we live in and come to realize that the bigger the bag the more potential to be protected against the suns harmful rays and other weather based inconsistencies? So what have we gleaned from our social stance on the bracelet bags? Maybe we need a bit more weight to carry us through life.

We now crave the big bag as a shield to the day and a practical tool to use as a means of reality. Some things continue to give us that warm feeling similar to a Fenty drop or bowl of matzo ball soup and there is a similar thought in a big bags might to bring you through spring and deliver you to summer. Regardless of the social or philosophical banter, isn’t an iconic bag always going to be an icon for a reason, but now it’s up to you to wear which ever size you favor. Above are some looks to get you #shielding.