The Art of Bloom

by Jalyn Eaton

The Art of Bloom, an interactive and immersive experience combining art, technology, and the senses, opens on July 24th at Edison Theatre in downtown Long Beach, California. The exhibition, centered on the intersection of humanity and nature, was created in partnership with the multicultural creative agency Intertrend and Tokyo- and LA-based design firm Daikoku Design Institute

Art of Bloom,   Brandon Shigeta

Art of Bloom, Brandon Shigeta

Flowers are used as a repetitive motif in The Art of Bloom as a signifier of a variety of meanings from birth and death to human emotion and meditation. The exhibition is a representation of our deepest experiences as human beings and a celebration of our most important moments through nature.

The installation features a cascade of over 6 million printed petals designed to mimic the aerodynamic structures found in nature. This produces 3 distinctive flows that are in turn placed into a cycling system for the installation. A surrounding signature scent designed by scent expert Yosh Han lit the air with a touches of orange and oud while sensor technology tracked movement through body heat creating a ghostly play on color. All the sense play is just the tip of the iceberg for this art experience which will also host a wide range of workshops and experiences throughout the summer.

The Art of Bloom will be on display from July 24, 2019 - September 29, 2019 at Edison Theatre.