Taylor Marie Prendergast | "Only God Can Judge"

by BJ Panda Bear

Taylor Marie Prendergast unleashed her newest body of work titled, Only God Can Judge. Presented by Carlye Packer at HAIR the body of work featured charcoal images of dogs snarling placed along with flowers and petals which seem to have been falling apart. The contrast of the animal’s expressionist fur and neon florals collocated together made for a well-balanced composition of textures and sensations of brutality and delicacy. 

Prendergast has long collaborated with a range of artists including David LaChapelle, Jason Omar Al-Taan, and SOPHIE. Her career was composed of modeling and musing for these creatives under the persona Peegirl. For her debut as a painter she chose the imagery of beasts and bouquets as a focal point to express on the historical connotations of nature restrained by man, to have a domesticated beast and the elegance of nature and the harshness of humanity’s perpetual instinct to tame.

Taylor Marie Prendergast Only God Can Judge is on view at HAIR until April 26

1427 E. 4th St. Los Angeles

Images courtesy of the Artist