Flaunt and St-Germain Celebrate Marc Ange's "An Extraordinary World" During Milan Design Week

by BJ Panda Bear

On Wednesday night Milano's smartest set snapped their heels to Palazzo Cusani in the Brera Design District (itself celebrating the tenth anniversary of the now-essential Brera Design Week) to take in Flaunt amico Marc Ange's new collection An Extraordinary World, sip fabulous florality via St-Germain, and to get eyes-on some freshly-schlepped copies of Flaunt's The Elemental Issue. A gorgeous garden wall from St-Germain greeted patrons, who then entered the palazzo to see the strange and wonderful new works on view from Ange--a bed on stone beneath palms, spiderlike sofas and chairs standing on dozens of legs, planetary tables. Inspired, it was then time to groove to smooth beats in the courtyard before heading out into the warm evening, well-spritzed and with a copy of Flaunt under the arm, to hit those ever-charming Milano streets. Ciao bella!