Watch the Trailer for HBO's Documentary on Filmmaker Steven Spielberg

by Flaunt Intern

One of the greatest filmmakers of our time, Steven Spielberg, is finally stepping in front of the camera for a 150 minute HBO documentary on his life, career, and legacy. The film will gives us a glimpse into Spielberg's thought process behind creating some of the most classic films of our time: Jaws, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, and Jurassic Park.

Documentarian Susan Lacy directed and produced the film, and administered almost 30 hours worth of interviews from Spielberg, along with his family, friends, and colleagues. Daniel Day Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Martin Scorsese, and Oprah Winfrey are just some among those who will be appearing in the documentary. 

Tune in to HBO on October 7 to watch Spielberg.

Written by Kelly An