Flaunt Premiere | Sorry Girls "Easier"

by Ryane Gonsalves


Sorry Girls is a musical duo consisting of Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront based in Montreal. The video for their latest track, Easier off Sorry Girls Easier 7”, was released today. The double-single represents a pinnacle in their music career and sound. These two songs showcase a series of vocals and synth-heavy arrangements. “Cruisin’ power pop that cries equally with joy and sorrow.” The video explores all aspects of personality. “Imagine the feeling of driving down the highway listening to Springsteen with a car full of friends; pair that with the comfort of lying in bed next to a bag of M&M peanuts watching Twin Peaks. Welcome to Sorry Girls.”


Kirkpatrick and Obront met while studying at university. After messing around with music in GarageBand, the duo always felt drawn to make music together. Eight years later, inspiration sparked for the EP they self-release, The Game, in November 2016. Since, they’ve played local shows, produced more music and even gone a tour across Canada. Easier is the bands first release with a record label, Arbutus Records.

Set in the 1920’s, the band describes the aesthetic and ideas of their music video as “an artist’s drive, and the constant cycle of disillusionment and realization of their dreams.” Easier follows a lead character named Daphne Dupont played by Crystal Slippers. Crystal Slippers is a drag performer from Montreal, similar to the band. After seeing one of Crystal’s iconic performances, the band found Crystal intriguing and inspirational. “We are honoured to have been able to work with Crystal and they delivered beyond our expectations (which to be honest is exactly what we expected),” says Sorry Girls on working with Crystal.

Tour Dates

Jan 24th | New York, NY | C'mon Everybody 

Jan 25th | Toronto, ON | Monarch Tavern 

Jan 26th | Detroit, MI | UFO

Jan 27th | Hamilton, ON | This Aint Hollywood

Jan 31st | Annandale-on-Hudson, NY | SMOG

Feb 8th | Quebec, QC | Maelstorm

Feb 9th | Montreal, QC | Diving Bell

Tickets @ https://arbutusrecords.com/pages/tour-dates