So Below | "Us"

by Dona Ibrahim

Press photo JG (1).jpg

Scout North is a New Zealand native who performs under the stage name “So Below.” Their rhythmic and eclectic music style can be described as either electronic pop, dark electronic pop or simply put ”goth pop”— a sub-genre of music created by North herself.

Since 2015, North has released a few LP’s which has respectfully garnered world wide attention.

Their latest single ‘Us’ oozes with her familiar and hypnotic gothic pop sounds. This song was co-written with ‘Now, Now’ an Indie-Rock group from Minnesota.

This track in particular is quite different from the others; North themself describes it as a love song saying, “I don't usually write love songs, but I felt inspired to write one about my celeb crush/hottie Jake Jelly. So this song’s about how we’re soul mates and will one day settle down in the south of France and live happily ever after. I co wrote this track with my mates Now, Now.”

‘Us’ is available for streaming on June 12.

Photographed by: Adrian Cook