Shop It While It's Hot

by Flaunt Magazine

With pride week kicking off in LA, it is important to celebrate and encourage the support behind such a community as the LGBTQ. In doing so, here is a list of retailers releasing capsule collections for this years festivities:

Adidas: Adidas’ “Pride” pack - 4 pairs of sneakers all themed and imprinted with “We are proud and unapologetic, and we encourage you to be the same” on the sole

Levi’s: This year’s annual pride collection emphasizes the phrase “I AM” to encourage self-expression

Calvin Klein: The Calvin Klein Pride capsule collection is incredibly color-themed, offering t-shirts and tanks with a colorful logo as well as an array of bras and undergarments in lively colors. In honor, a donation was made to the Human Rights Campaign

Tommy Hilfiger: Donating 35% of the purchase price of each item in the Tommy Pride Collection to the Human Rights Campaign, Tommy Hilfiger is offering a collection including a t-shirt, hat and other accessories all branded with a rainbow “Tommy” logo

American Apparel: Seeking LGBTQ community members as the cast for their 2018 Pride collection, American Apparel releases tees and totes with phrases such as “Still here. Still queer.” and “THEY O.K. All pronouns welcome”