Roland Mouret By Roland Mouret and Alexander Fury

by Andrés Gudiño

Writer Alexander Fury peeks into the fabulous mind of dressmaker Roland Mouret in  Roland Mouret: Provoke, Attract, Seduce. Before opening to the first page, the cover represents Mouret’s artistry at its most vital. A woman flows in sheer fabric. It moves around her like water she treads through. Mouret has refined these female draped silhouettes throughout a career lead with passion and love.  Alexander Fury picks up fragments of Mouret’s inspiration in a series of conversations, accompanied with photographs and clothes exclusive to this body of work.

“I love the way fabric feels, I love to grab it, I love how clothes fall over the body,” Mouret says. His upbringing left potent images from working in butchery with his father. The collaboration dives deep into these seed of imagination with chapter names like “Blood, Bones, Fat” and “Butcher's Apron.” It’s a fascinating, yet incredibly personal account of how Mouret cuts and designs his clothing.  But most importantly, this book tells us why he designs the way he does.

You can purchased a copy of the Roland Mouret book Here

Photos courtesy of Rizzoli