RODARTE | Fall/Winter 2019

by Mui-Hai Chu

The Rodarte sisters finally showed their collection in their home city of Pasadena at Huntington Gardens, one of the most beautiful venues in Southern California. The rain had miraculously cleared and the post-storm sunlight streamed into the venue and shaft this dreamlike haze onto the already dreamlike clothes that walked. The movement of the ruffles and especially the piece de resistance electric blue gown had huge ruffled roses on the sleeves that bounced ever so gently as the model glided down the path, like a rose gently swaying in a wayward wind from heaven. The tights were super covetable and were decorated with such things like ribbon bows and hearts. Shailene Woodley cooed about them after the show. Metal hair accessories, belts, and jewelry spelling a displaced “Rodarte” added some edge. The heart motifs instead of looking sickening, put everyone in the mood for love. What a delicate romance. Afterwards, guests enjoyed newly launched JNSQ Rosé Cru which sponsored the event, the elegant bottle even looked like a Rodarte gown.

Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images